Since 2002 we are at the service of the pharmaceutical industry, Dermaskin is a Venezuelan company, which has managed to insert itself in international trade. Our suppliers are first-line producers, located in the five continents; that’s where the quality we seek in our products is.

Thanks to the wide portfolio of products and the commitment of our staff. We occupy a relevant place in sales, e-business strategies, and marketing within the structure of the Venezuelan pharmaceutical industry.

This forces us to respond responsibly and diligently to new developments or strategic partnerships, the production of a better quality of life with the use of products, pharmaceutical solutions at your fingertips.


Consolidate ourselves in the national pharmaceutical market as a company that is distinguished in providing excellent demonological solutions, in continuous growth, highly competitive, granting an expansion of opportunities for professional and personal development to its employees.


Comply with the valuable social work of providing high quality innovative dermatological products that meet the needs of patients and health professionals, personalized attention, and excellent service, with a highly trained staff committed to the company and business criteria.